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Tapas has been popular around the world for a long time, but only recently in the United States. You may have ordered Spanish Tapas as an appetizer or even as a small plate meal with several tapas. The word tapas translates as ‘cover’ or ‘lid’ in Spanish. It stems from the bar-room custom of serving a drink with a small plate of food balanced on top of the glass. Tapas has since become many things. The original is Spanish and made in-house and on the spot.

Here’s a little tapas recipe that’s bound to please:
Courtesy Brussels Airlines Magazine -

New! A type of oysters on the half shell


oysters on the half shell, frozen oysters, gulf coast oysters, cocktail sauce

Much like wine, the flavor of oysters changes based on weather, region and method of cultivation. We’re lovers of oysters on the half shell. Not quite oysterholics, but we’re pretty close when we get cravings. The “official” term for an oyster lover is ostreaphile. We’ve tried raw oysters from all corners of Read more“New! A type of oysters on the half shell” »

Terrific Belgian Meal and Great Beers

The other night we went to the Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe with good friends Roland and Heather. It was our first time there, and we’ll definitely be going back. One thing I like is they’re local local. Just three locations in the area.

Roland and I have had more than one Belgian beer night at my house over the years. I had won a silent auction a few years ago that contained probably 25 different Belgian beers. I had Roland over and we sampled many of them over an evening of smoked rib eye steaks and brew.

What an impeccable night. We got to Cheeky Monk a few minutes early, so I (Marty) started with a draught St. Bernardus ABT 12. I wanted to start with higher alcohol content so I could taper off the alcohol content as the evening went on.

The St. Bernadus is a 10% alcohol and has a fruity, creamy, smooth and bold flavor. It’s what they call a quadruple, Belgian beers are very low on the  “hoppy” bitterness like many European beers (German and Britain come to mind). I do like hoppy beers, but this was very pleasant. They served it to me in a glass like the one on the left in the picture.

“Inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgium, a Quadrupel is a Read more“Terrific Belgian Meal and Great Beers” »

Kickin’ Ham Sandwich

hot ham sandwich foodies coloradoThis summer we bought two bushels of roasted green chili. Anaheim are the milder ones and Big Jim are closer to medium. They’re both excellent. We have bags and bags of quart-size ziplocs in the freezer.

We recently had a taste for a different kind of ham sandwich. One that’s got some kick. Here it is:


Warm baguette
Smoked ham Read more“Kickin’ Ham Sandwich” »

Fried Sausage Wrapped Hard Boiled Eggs

Fried Sausage Wrapped Hard Boiled Eggs.

Mmm. Surf and Turf.

Yep, this was our Christmas dinner, the one with just me and my honey. On the floor like Deana’s family tradition. We’d been looking forward to this for weeks and it did not let us down.

Dungeness and regular crabs, boiled in salt and Cajun seasoning. Garlic & butter steamers/clams. Cajun steamed mussels, butter & garlic steamed mussels. Drawn butter (yes the real stuff), mixed with fresh garlic. Marty’s famous (at list with friends and family) ribeye steak, smoked with Jack Daniel’s soaked, oak barrel smoking chips and a little apple wood. Baguettes fresh from the oven and Colorado ales. What a great time Deana and I had!! A meal to celebrate 2011 and Christmas. I can’t tell you how many times we both said “Mmmmmm!” or “Oooohhh”. So succulent and buttery, this meal just made our weekend!

Cheese Table

This was our lunch on a recent foodie night with family.

Mont Enebro – Spain. This is a wonderful goat cheese with a Roquefort (blue cheese) rind. The blue cheese is not inside the cheese, but just on the outside. It’s terrific with the chocolate pita chips that add a little cocoa and salt flavor for a unique middle and long lasting tail.

La Leyenda Brandy Cheese – Spain. Mm good, a soft, lightly grainy texture with a hint of brandy. Very nice.

Sottocenere al Tartufo – Truffle Cheese – Italian. This is our absolute favorite cheese. We always keep some in the fridge, because when we have a craving for cheese, a mozzarella stick won’t satisfy, it’s the Sottocenere that first comes to mind.. and a standby.

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Truffle here, truffle there

We’ve been enjoying our truffle adventure. Our truffleness got started about a year ago with when we first sampled some Sottocenere al Tartufo – Truffle Cheese at Cheese Importers in Longmont, CO. This has become our absolute favorite cheese. We always keep some in the fridge. When we have a craving for cheese, a mozzarella stick or cheddar cheese cube won’t satisfy. It’s the Sottocenere that first comes to mind. It’s a soft, cow’s mil cheese with black truffle pieces inside. The unique thing is the rind. It’s truffles mixed with spices and a light gray ash. Yes, an ash – its crunchy, flaky and tasty adding a new dimension to cheese.

Our next exploration was buying some truffle salt and white truffle oil from Cured in Boulder. We’ve tried the truffle salt (aka Tartufo Nero) on a lot of things. It’s aromatic, concentrated and intense. We haven’t tried the truffle oil on as many things, but its powerful, too. Doesn’t take much. (see You can also find some truffle salts at Read more“Truffle here, truffle there” »

Our Own Indian Tacos – Chile Verde

If you scroll down, there’s a sweet surprise that’s so simple and delicious you’ll wonder why you haven’t made them. OK, now onto the tacos. Not sure why Santiago’s calls them Indian Tacos, we just know that’s our favorite from there. Problem is, the sauce they use is not so healthy and their pork is a bit fatty for us. Tasty, yes, but way too much fat for our taste and health. We bought some Santiago’s frozen, green chile sauce a while ago from the grocery store to try and make these at home. However the #1 ingredient is LARD. So we’ve been making our own version in the Koenig Kitchen for a couple years now. We think they taste better, plus they’re way more healthy.

What you’ll need:

1-2 lbs. pork loin – depends on how many you’ll be serving. 1 Lb will make about 6 tacos. You don’t want to be chincy with the pork.
Taco seasoning packet – we like the Ortega brand.
Guerrero uncooked flour tortillas or other brand.
Peanut oil – a cup or so.
505® brand green chile sauce (mild, medium or hot). We like a mild/hot mix.
Shredded cheddar cheese
Tomatoes – we like either home grown from the garden or the Campari tomatoes available at many supermarkets and Costco.
Romaine lettuce.
Powdered sugar – just wait, you’ll see
Saigon Cinnamon

Deana starts with a pork loin – we liked the ones that come in a sealed plastic bag – they usually come out more tender. Put it in a crock pot with about a cup of water and the packet of taco seasoning. It takes about 3 hours for the pork to cook where it falls apart with a fork.

Meanwhile, get some Guerrero uncooked

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