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Mmm. Surf and Turf.

Yep, this was our Christmas dinner, the one with just me and my honey. On the floor like Deana’s family tradition. We’d been looking forward to this for weeks and it did not let us down. Dungeness and regular crabs, boiled in salt and Cajun seasoning. Garlic & butter steamers/clams. Cajun steamed mussels, butter & garlic steamed mussels. Drawn butter… (more…)

Cheese Table

This was our lunch on a recent foodie night with family. Mont Enebro – Spain. This is a wonderful goat cheese with a Roquefort (blue cheese) rind. The blue cheese is not inside the cheese, but just on the outside. It’s terrific with the chocolate pita chips that add a little cocoa and salt flavor for a unique middle and… (more…)

Truffle here, truffle there

We’ve been enjoying our truffle adventure. Our truffleness got started about a year ago with when we first sampled some Sottocenere al Tartufo – Truffle Cheese at Cheese Importers in Longmont, CO. This has become our absolute favorite cheese. We always keep some in the fridge. When we have a craving for cheese, a mozzarella stick or cheddar cheese cube… (more…)

Our Own Indian Tacos – Chile Verde

If you scroll down, there’s a sweet surprise that’s so simple and delicious you’ll wonder why you haven’t made them. OK, now onto the tacos. Not sure why Santiago’s calls them Indian Tacos, we just know that’s our favorite from there. Problem is, the sauce they use is not so healthy and their pork is a bit fatty for us.… (more…)

Smooth, Homemade Split Pea & Smoked Ham Soup

OK, second try it turned out perfect. Read on for how I did that….One of my favorite soups growing up in the Midwest was split pea with ham. My dad was a government worker so we didn’t go all out with food. Mostly the Campbell’s soups. Over the years I’ve tried numerous split pea soups beyond the condensed version. There’s… (more…)

My Mom’s Ham & Bean Soup

My Mom’s Northern White Ham & Bean Soup Recipe Delicious bean soup just like my mom made! Growing up in the Midwest, winters were cold. For a long time. One of my favorite meals was my Mom’s ham & bean soup. I still love it today. I just made it again yesterday. Take your freshly grown garden beans or dry… (more…)

Truffled up

Tonight we decided to get all truffled up. We had some left over spaghetti and wanted to be a little creative. Instead of just tossing on some garlic and parmesan, we wanted to have a major truffle experience. So, we opted for our trusty white truffle oil, a little of that powerful black truffle salt (The Meadows brand) we got… (more…)

Our Thanksgiving 2011 foodie day – first stop.

Continental Deli. We took Deana’s in-laws to Cherry Creek and spent a couple hours at Continental Deli. We spent a good amount of time looking around at all the goodies. Deana’s Dad is a total sausage nut. So is she and so am I. She likes to say she comes by it naturally. We bought several imported mustards, Bison sausages,… (more…)

What does local really mean to the economy?

When consumers and businesses do more business with local companies, the multiplier effect is in action. Think about buying something from Wal-mart versus buying from a local retailer. Think about buying from McDonald’s or a locally owned eatery with a greater number of locally sourced foods. Where do the profits go in each case? Money spent or income received has… (more…)

Buy Local Week

Buy Local Week in Denver just kicked off. I’m doing my part, are you? If we shift some spending from big box stores to neighborhood shops, we’re boosting our local economy. I’m doing my share. We took a day and went to Continental Deli in Cherry Creek, bought some great food, and ate there. More on that experience later. Then… (more…)

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