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Bites – Fabio Viviani would knock you out for Nutella

Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchen February 5th is World Nutella Day, as if we really needed a reason to celebrate the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. We asked former “Top Chef” star Fabio Viviani to wax poetic about the Italian treat and to tell us why he’s such a loyal fan.Via

Mediterranean Grain Salad – one of our faves.

Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchenGet Mediterranean Grain Salad recipe. Via

The Dirty Secret GMO Companies Dont Want You to Know

Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchenBeware of the eight genetically engineered crops that are out in the market. Learn why you should never consume genetically modified food.Via


Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchenRevised non-GMO shopping guide. Please download it and take your own action.Via

“Worst Company of 2011″

Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchen Monsanto, the company responsible for the proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is named the “Worst Company of 2011″ by Natural Society.Via

Paula Deen’s Revelation –

Paula Deen’s Revelation –

The Future of Grocery Shopping


Tapas has been popular around the world for a long time, but only recently in the United States. You may have ordered Spanish Tapas as an appetizer or even as a small plate meal with several tapas. The word tapas translates as ‘cover’ or ‘lid’ in Spanish. It stems from the bar-room custom of serving a drink with a small… (more…)

Kickin’ Ham Sandwich

This summer we bought two bushels of roasted green chili. Anaheim are the milder ones and Big Jim are closer to medium. They’re both excellent. We have bags and bags of quart-size ziplocs in the freezer. We recently had a taste for a different kind of ham sandwich. One that’s got some kick. Here it is:   Warm baguette Smoked ham

Fried Sausage Wrapped Hard Boiled Eggs

Fried Sausage Wrapped Hard Boiled Eggs.