Maguro no zuke Donburi (Soy-Marinated Tuna) | SAVEUR

This Japanese preparation showcases the rich flavor of tuna, a fish traded in abundance at Tsukiji wholesale seafood market. See the recipe» See on

Nearly 500 ways to make a yoga mat sandwich

If you’ve planked on a yoga mat, slipped on flip-flops, extracted a cell phone from protective padding or lined an attic with foam insulation, chances are you’ve had a brush with an industrial chemical called azodicarbonamide, nicknamed ADA. In the plastics industry, ADA is the “chemical foaming agent” of choice. It is mixed into polymer plastic gel to generate tiny gas bubbles,… (more…)

How to Make American Cheese

As our regular readers know, I’ll go to my grave defending processed, pasteurized American cheese. I understand your objections to… See on

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter : : Kitchen & Dining

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter : : Kitchen & Dining Marty Koenig‘s insight:  See on

New Way to Toast Coconut

I love sprinkling chewy toasted coconut on vanilla ice cream, layer cakes, and especially pies like the coconut lime custard version we made this month. Marty Koenig‘s insight: goota try this See on

Smoked Turkey Drumsticks

Smoked Turkey Drumsticks Marty Koenig‘s insight: Mmm. Must try this. A big fave at the fair. See on

How to Smoke Salmon

Step by step instructions on how to smoke salmon at home. This is a recipe for hot smoked salmon, and it works with king salmon, sockeye, pink, chum or even Atlantic salmon. Marty Koenig‘s insight: I smoke a bunch every week or two. yummmm. See on


Bacon, Caramel, Whiskey, Marshmallow, and did I mention Bacon? Marty Koenig‘s insight: Mmmmmmm. Bacon. See on

barks, truffles, caramels oh my!

Mmmmm.  See on

Mmmm. Pumpkin Pie Mousse | A Foodie Couple in Denver, Colorado

Marty Koenig‘s insight: I must try this. ‘Tis the season soon enough. See on