Our Thanksgiving 2011 foodie day – first stop.

Continental Deli. We took Deana’s in-laws to Cherry Creek and spent a couple hours at Continental Deli. We spent a good amount of time looking around at all the goodies. Deana’s Dad is a total sausage nut. So is she and so am I. She likes to say she comes by it naturally. We bought several imported mustards, Bison sausages,… (more…)

What does local really mean to the economy?

When consumers and businesses do more business with local companies, the multiplier effect is in action. Think about buying something from Wal-mart versus buying from a local retailer. Think about buying from McDonald’s or a locally owned eatery with a greater number of locally sourced foods. Where do the profits go in each case? Money spent or income received has… (more…)

Buy Local Week

Buy Local Week in Denver just kicked off. I’m doing my part, are you? If we shift some spending from big box stores to neighborhood shops, we’re boosting our local economy. I’m doing my share. We took a day and went to Continental Deli in Cherry Creek, bought some great food, and ate there. More on that experience later. Then… (more…)