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Franks and sausages galore

Last night I cooked up a few types of franks and sausages. We have been wanting to try the new Park’s Finest and the Oscar Mayer Selects, plus a few others.   Chili dogs are a fave for our family and friends.

Report – VC funding hits dot com levels in Q2

CB Insights data on VC, emerging industries and startups. An analytical view on everything from unicorns to acqui-hires. And of course, lots of talk about a tech bubble.


Mean Green: Wasabi Root | SAVEUR

From SAVEUR Issue #166
Looking down at the spicy paste that came with my sushi takeout, I marvel that I spent most of my life thinking this mixture of horseradish and green food coloring was wasabi. I only recently had my first taste of the real thing—a zesty perennial called Wasabia japonica rarely grown outside of Japan—at Markus Mead and Jennifer Bloeser’s Oregon coast farm.