Monthly Archives: November 2013

New Way to Toast Coconut

I love sprinkling chewy toasted coconut on vanilla ice cream, layer cakes, and especially pies like the coconut lime custard version we made this month. Marty Koenig‘s insight: goota try this See on

Smoked Turkey Drumsticks

Smoked Turkey Drumsticks Marty Koenig‘s insight: Mmm. Must try this. A big fave at the fair. See on

How to Smoke Salmon

Step by step instructions on how to smoke salmon at home. This is a recipe for hot smoked salmon, and it works with king salmon, sockeye, pink, chum or even Atlantic salmon. Marty Koenig‘s insight: I smoke a bunch every week or two. yummmm. See on


Bacon, Caramel, Whiskey, Marshmallow, and did I mention Bacon? Marty Koenig‘s insight: Mmmmmmm. Bacon. See on

barks, truffles, caramels oh my!

Mmmmm.  See on