Smokin’ ribs, shrimp, salmon

Memorial day, we were invited to a friend’s house for a soiree using his new smoker for the 1st time. It was Memorial Day and I really wanted to do some grillin’, not just consume it.  I wanted get my own smoker going.  I like how I do it. And Deana had been wanting to try some smoked Cajun garlic shrimp.

I started up the charcoal, put the smoking wood on water, and went to scavenge in the freezers.

What else can I smoke today?

Since I’m getting the smoker ready, I like to fill it up when I can. Seems like such a waste of good smoke it I’m going to smoke just one thing. I found the bag of raw, tail-on shrimp. Then a small rack of country spare ribs popped up – I was so happy, because I really wanted to smoke some ribs. A nice piece of Alaskan Wild Sockeye Salmon surfaced in the freezer, too. Nom-nom. Turkey brats and turkey dogs.

Back to the smoker. The coals were hot, so I tossed some smoking hickory wood chunks and apple wood chunks.

In a few minutes, the smoker smelled like, well, heaven. brinkman smoker smoking meat

How, I had to figure out what I was going to smoke the shrimp in. I thought foil. Nope, too flimsy and it would leak out all the mixins. I found an old, large pan in the garage we use for camping.

I heated up the pan on the stove and melted a stick of butter (the real, salted stuff). I chopped fresh garlic cloves and added my favorite Cajun seasoning. I did add some garlic powder to thicken it up a bit.I let it all melt and mix together, then I tossed in the shrimp. I put the whole pan in the smoker with the other meats.

FoodiesColorado smoking shrimp smoked cajun garlic shrimp recipe

Now to the ribs…I pulled off the membrane scraping with a butter knife and pull with a paper towel. Then I used three different rubs – McCormick GrillMates Applewood Rub, Luzianne Cajun Seasoning, Schultz Gourmet Premium Seasoning & Rub (Colorado local) plus a little garlic.

I rubbed it in well on all sides and topped it off with J.Dogg Phair Red Hot Mama Barbecue Sauce. (Colorado local).

That went on the smoker, too. My turkey brats and hot dogs, plus the Cajun garlic salmon filled up the smoker.

smoked ribs, salmon @foodiescolorado

We had this for dinners for the next few days. It was soooo good!