Our plans changed, so happy they did.

“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living.”–Dione Lucas

Last night Deana and I had planned to check out another beer café. However our plans got changed on us. We’re so happy they did!

Deana found BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse online, and mentioned that they’ve got some great looking food and a huge selection of beers. We were all set to do that, then we called our friend Roland. They’ve been wanting to invite us over for dinner, so tonight was the night. Heather, Roland’s GF was so kind to invite us. When we first got there, Roland offered me a Chocolate Stout, one of my faves over the holidays. So I happily obliged this version from Fort Collins Brewery. Deana likes a little lighter fare in her ales.

Shortly after we got there, Roland and I went over to Superior Liquor. They’ve got a huge selection of beers. They even let you create your own 6-pack. The beer guy was right there when he saw us gazing in wonderment into the fully stocked rows of beer coolers.

Deana felt like some Tsingtao and some other lighter fare. Roland suggested the Hoegaarden Original White Ale. We also picked up a six of Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier.
I started with the Hoegaarden. It was outstanding! Deana liked it so much that was her next beer was after she finished her Tsingtao.

My next bier was the Weihenstephaner. If you want an archetype of the hefeweissen style, this is it. Pours a beautiful deep yellow gold color that leaves a nice two finger white head that slowly recedes and leaves plenty of lacing. Smells of wheat, banana, citrus. Taste is on point for a hefe; nicely balanced wheat, citrus, banana, and a light bitterness at the end. Everything about this beer in the taste department is done brilliantly. Mouthfeel is good, fairly light overall and easy to drink a pint or two. All in all, if you want a good hefe, this is the one to go to.

We had a great time catching up and learning about some of the things Heather’s been doing on the side. Deana and I had no idea.

Ok, on to dinner at their house. The girls enjoy their beverages getting ready for creamy chicken risotto with fresh ground parmesan. Wowo, it was so rich and creamy – I had three helpings. Topped with brussel sprouts dribbled with baked bread crumbs. The salad was so excellent – romaine lettuce with grapefruit pieces, hazelnuts and a little vinaigrette dressing.

By the way if you’ve ever had a beer and can’t remember the name, try this list: http://www.tobp.com/review/list_alpha.asp

We’ll try out BJ’s soon, and we’ve not got these on our list of bier places to check out:

Next stops: Mountain Sun or Southern Sun Pub & Brewery in Boulder and Golden Europe Arvada for Chech, German and Austrian food.