Kickin’ Ham Sandwich

hot ham sandwich foodies coloradoThis summer we bought two bushels of roasted green chili. Anaheim are the milder ones and Big Jim are closer to medium. They’re both excellent. We have bags and bags of quart-size ziplocs in the freezer.

We recently had a taste for a different kind of ham sandwich. One that’s got some kick. Here it is:


Warm baguette
Smoked ham
Woeber’s Horseradish Sauce
Roasted green chili, pulled apart
Yellow mustard

This sandwich was one of the best we’ve had in a long time. I think the baguette really made a big difference, but so did the smoked ham and chili peppers. These baguettes are some of the best we’ve found – we’ve got boxes of them in the freezer. We get them at Costco and they come with five 2-packs. They crust is crisp but not too thick, and the bread inside is soft warm and wonderful.
baguettes le petit francais foodies in colorado

ham sandwich hot green chili foodies colorado

Here’s the ham smokin’:
smoking ham, smoker foodies coloradoHappy sandwiching from your Colorado Foodies!