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Pork Roast recipe Low and Slow

Some call this easy to grill Pork Butt recipe pure Pork Porn. You decide. To serve it up, all you need to do is get some pork shoulder roasts, layer on some … See on

Smokin’ ribs, shrimp, salmon

Memorial day, we were invited to a friend’s house for a soiree using his new smoker for the 1st time. It was Memorial Day and I really wanted to do some grillin’, not just consume it.  I wanted get my own smoker going.  I like how I do it. And Deana had been wanting to try some smoked Cajun garlic shrimp.… (more…)

Does sugar make you stupid? Study suggests it sabotages learning and memory – Best Blender

Fizzy drinks contain high amounts of fructose which slows the brain…. See on

What Do Those Codes On Stickers Of Fruits And Some Veggies Mean? – Best Blender

By reading the PLU code, you can tell if the fruit was genetically modified, organically grown or produced with chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or herbicides. See on

Bacon Cheese Turtle Burgers

Burger Doctor is a blog with articles, reviews, and recipes all related to hamburgers. See on

Chocolate Truffle or Truffle Underground

Ask a chef at a white tablecloth restaurant to describe a truffle, and he or she will probably wax poetic about the very expensive fungi that grow beneath oak trees. See on