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Steak with Herb Sauce Bistecca Con Salsa delle Erbe Recipe –

Steak with Herb Sauce Bistecca Con Salsa delle Erbe Recipe –

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Oat Bran Galettes or Pancakes

These are great as snacks – they keep in the fridge a month. Taste just like pancakes, but wow! Ingredients 8 egg whites – we use the cartons of those.

Yummy high fiber Mango cookies

These are terrific! Any time I want a sweet snack or crave a little carb/grains I take one of these out of the freezer. I tried a batch with pumpkin puree, but they weren’t that great, so I made these. I also tried a bag of frozen mango/banana/strawberry/papaya and those are awesome! Experiment for yourself, you’ll be pleased. Even our… (more…)

A tasty, healthy fajita

Deana loves to make new stuff in the kitchen. So do I, but she’s better at it. This Fajita Casserole, well, she’s perfected it. It’s excellent and has lots of flavor. She makes a two trays at a time and we never throw any away. 2 C quinoa or brown rice or a combination of the 2, cooked according to… (more…)

Our plans changed, so happy they did.

“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living.”–Dione Lucas Last night Deana and I had planned to check out another beer café. However our plans got changed on us. We’re so happy they did! Deana found BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse online, and mentioned that they’ve got some great looking food… (more…)

How to save $$ by picking the right foods

Most grocery stores are a haven for shoppers on the hunt for basic ingredients, household supplies, and some great deals on brand-name products. However, there are a number of things that are always overpriced at the grocery store. Hardware, cookware, toys, and even some basic household supplies are usually marked up because supermarkets consider these to be specialty goods; they’re… (more…)

Trudeau Elite Graviti Salt and Pepper Mill Set – Turn upside down and it grinds. We love these!

Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchenThese are the ones we use. We loved them so much we bought our family and friends these as Christmas gifts. So easy, just turn them upside down, and the grinder automatically turns on for the freshest in salt and pepper flavors. Turn it back upright, and it turns the grinder off.Via

New York vs. New England: Who has the better clam chowder?

Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchen The historic rivalry between the two regions gets dialed up as we inch closer to the Giants vs. Patriots Superbowl faceoff on Feb. 5.Via

Bites – Fabio Viviani would knock you out for Nutella

Via – FoodiesColorado mostly in the kitchen February 5th is World Nutella Day, as if we really needed a reason to celebrate the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. We asked former “Top Chef” star Fabio Viviani to wax poetic about the Italian treat and to tell us why he’s such a loyal fan.Via