Truffle here, truffle there

We’ve been enjoying our truffle adventure. Our truffleness got started about a year ago with when we first sampled some Sottocenere al Tartufo – Truffle Cheese at Cheese Importers in Longmont, CO. This has become our absolute favorite cheese. We always keep some in the fridge. When we have a craving for cheese, a mozzarella stick or cheddar cheese cube won’t satisfy. It’s the Sottocenere that first comes to mind. It’s a soft, cow’s mil cheese with black truffle pieces inside. The unique thing is the rind. It’s truffles mixed with spices and a light gray ash. Yes, an ash – its crunchy, flaky and tasty adding a new dimension to cheese.

Our next exploration was buying some truffle salt and white truffle oil from Cured in Boulder. We’ve tried the truffle salt (aka Tartufo Nero) on a lot of things. It’s aromatic, concentrated and intense. We haven’t tried the truffle oil on as many things, but its powerful, too. Doesn’t take much. (see You can also find some truffle salts at Whole Foods, but they don’t look like they’ve got nearly as much truffle (hence the lower price). We found you can buy our favorite at The Meadows They’ve got a ton of different salts, which we’ll be trying here shortly.

Another truffle goodness we’re really enjoying is the sweet taste of truffle honey. We started by supporting local businesses and getting a small container from Cured in Boulder (the picture on the left). We like it so much we wanted to try others to see if they were as good. Di Bruno Bros. is just as good.

Here are some of the things we’ve tried these on:

Truffle Salt

Apples – great

Pears – not so much

Oranges – great

Brie cheese – excellent

Truffle cheese with truffle salt, truffle oil and truffle honey. Not really, just kidding.

Broccoli – not so much

Grapefruit – great

Pea soup – great

French bread or baguette with any kind of cheese – great

Salt & Pepper pistachios – great


Truffle Oil

Noodles and Parmesan – excellent. See here:

Asparagus – good


Truffle Honey

Stacey’s Cocoa Pita Chips – not so great

Stacey’s Gingerbread Pita Chips – great

Hot milk and Stevia – great

Keurig-style White Hot Chocolate – excellent

Fried flour tortillas – great

Thin bagels with butter (Smart Balance ®) – great

Toast – great

Target brand/Archer Farms blue corn/flax seed chips – great

Plain, dark chocolate – excellent