Our Thanksgiving 2011 foodie day – first stop.

continental sausage deli cherry creekContinental Deli. We took Deana’s in-laws to Cherry Creek and spent a couple hours at Continental Deli. We spent a good amount of time looking around at all the goodies. Deana’s Dad is a total sausage nut. So is she and so am I. She likes to say she comes by it naturally. We bought several imported mustards, Bison sausages, English Bangers, and Veal & Pork with Onion brats – my personal fave.

We bought German curry ketchup (wow, just had that last night with some franks – what a neat flavor!), fat free quark, and some cherry brandy chocolates. We bought some more veal/port/fine textured brats, some bison, and several other kinds to take home. This place has a great selection of cheeses, meats and cured meats, plus all the gourmet and not-so-gourmet eats and condiments. I wanted to buy some smoke paprika bacon, but we were over a hundred bucks already, so decided to do that later. Plus we had other places to go.

Then we each had a lunch plate of Thueringer Brats and an Avalanche Beer brat with their wonderful and different tasting sauerkraut which is not like anything I’ve gotten at a grocery store. We complimented the lunch plate with their borsch soup – wow, that’s is awesome! Also on the plate was some great, fresh, chunky potato salad. It was homemade, not like the over-mayonnaised/over-preservative-laced store bought stuff.

We highly recommend it. http://www.continentalsausage.com/deli.shtml

250 Steele Street, Denver, CO 80206. They have eRetail and mail order as well.