Our Own Indian Tacos – Chile Verde

If you scroll down, there’s a sweet surprise that’s so simple and delicious you’ll wonder why you haven’t made them. OK, now onto the tacos. Not sure why Santiago’s calls them Indian Tacos, we just know that’s our favorite from there. Problem is, the sauce they use is not so healthy and their pork is a bit fatty for us. Tasty, yes, but way too much fat for our taste and health. We bought some Santiago’s frozen, green chile sauce a while ago from the grocery store to try and make these at home. However the #1 ingredient is LARD. So we’ve been making our own version in the Koenig Kitchen for a couple years now. We think they taste better, plus they’re way more healthy.

What you’ll need:

1-2 lbs. pork loin – depends on how many you’ll be serving. 1 Lb will make about 6 tacos. You don’t want to be chincy with the pork.
Taco seasoning packet – we like the Ortega brand.
Guerrero uncooked flour tortillas or other brand.
Peanut oil – a cup or so.
505® brand green chile sauce (mild, medium or hot). We like a mild/hot mix.
Shredded cheddar cheese
Tomatoes – we like either home grown from the garden or the Campari tomatoes available at many supermarkets and Costco.
Romaine lettuce.
Powdered sugar – just wait, you’ll see
Saigon Cinnamon

Deana starts with a pork loin – we liked the ones that come in a sealed plastic bag – they usually come out more tender. Put it in a crock pot with about a cup of water and the packet of taco seasoning. It takes about 3 hours for the pork to cook where it falls apart with a fork.

Meanwhile, get some Guerrero uncooked

flour torillas or other brand. We like these because they have no lard and they’re just the right size.

Put 1/2 inch of peanut oil in a large skillet. You can use other oils, but peanut is healthy and tasty.

Heat on medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Get two large plates out each with 2 paper towels on them. One for first removal one to stack them up.

Carefully and slowly put in a tortilla using tongs.

The hotter the oil, the bigger the bubbles will pop up on the tortilla. I used a sharp knife to slice the big bubbles and pushed them back down with tongs.

It only takes a minute or so then turn the tortilla over – slowly and carefully. The one in the picture is not done enough to turn over. You want most of the white areas at least light brown.

When it’s done, let the oil drain off and put on a paper towel.

Put the one nearest the stove onto the stacking plate to make room for the next one out of the skillet.

Now you’ve got a stack of tasty, crispy, delicious fried flour tortillas.

I couldn’t help myself wondering how wonderful these might be dressed up as a dessert. So here ya go: Powdered sugar…

… or with Saigon Cinnamon and powdered sugar – Wow, these are wonderful!

Those are absolutely delicious. One Christmas present we got had some orange blossom honey – which went great on either of these or just on a plain fried tortilla. We had them for dessert after our Indian Tacos. Wow! What a treat!

OK, take a break from salivating….

Chop up your tomatoes and lettuce. Not too small. Using a couple forks, pull the pork apart so it’s shredded.

Put your fried tortilla on a plate with all your ingredients nearby.

Put some pork on your tortilla. Put a little cheese on top of the pork. You’ll be putting more cheese on top later. You nuke it to melt the cheese a little if you want. Then put lettuce and tomato on top. Add more cheese. Put a generous portion of 505 on top. Here ya go! Enjoy our Indian tacos and your tasty dessert!