Mmm. Surf and Turf.

Yep, this was our Christmas dinner, the one with just me and my honey. On the floor like Deana’s family tradition. We’d been looking forward to this for weeks and it did not let us down.

Dungeness and regular crabs, boiled in salt and Cajun seasoning. Garlic & butter steamers/clams. Cajun steamed mussels, butter & garlic steamed mussels. Drawn butter (yes the real stuff), mixed with fresh garlic. Marty’s famous (at list with friends and family) ribeye steak, smoked with Jack Daniel’s soaked, oak barrel smoking chips and a little apple wood. Baguettes fresh from the oven and Colorado ales. What a great time Deana and I had!! A meal to celebrate 2011 and Christmas. I can’t tell you how many times we both said “Mmmmmm!” or “Oooohhh”. So succulent and buttery, this meal just made our weekend!