Cheese Table

This was our lunch on a recent foodie night with family.

Mont Enebro – Spain. This is a wonderful goat cheese with a Roquefort (blue cheese) rind. The blue cheese is not inside the cheese, but just on the outside. It’s terrific with the chocolate pita chips that add a little cocoa and salt flavor for a unique middle and long lasting tail.

La Leyenda Brandy Cheese – Spain. Mm good, a soft, lightly grainy texture with a hint of brandy. Very nice.

Sottocenere al Tartufo – Truffle Cheese – Italian. This is our absolute favorite cheese. We always keep some in the fridge, because when we have a craving for cheese, a mozzarella stick won’t satisfy, it’s the Sottocenere that first comes to mind.. and a standby.

Irish Whiskey Aged Cheddar – A soft, fine textured cheese with a hint of Irish whiskey. It easily crumbles when cutting a slice, and then wow, a super easy entry, a nice, enhanced middle, and a tail that hangs on with an almondy, slightly fruity finish.

Olive Oil – Carli – Italy with bread.

Stacy’s Pita Chips – Simply Cocoa. These are very different. I don’t even see them on their website, but thought I’d try them when I saw them at Whole Foods. I was reading the other day where a cheesemonger paired chocolate with bleu cheese. So I put some of the Mont Enebro on a small chip. What a combination! I loved it, but I like weird combinations. My wife and other family members were so-so on it.

So we continued our cheesefest with dinner that night:

The cheeses were still out, so they were room temperature, the best way to eat cheeses in our opinion. We broke out the double cream brie. Fromage de Meaux – Rouzaire Cociotta Al Tartu – Sini Fulvi. This is a double cream brie with a beautiful , ripe, medium hardness rind and a smooth, buttery inside with just a hint of that brie nuttiness. We’ve tried the triple cheese ones but this is our favorite brie for sure. It’s only made near Paris in Meaux. You won’t usually find a de Meaux brie in grocery stores, so we buy it at Cheese Importers in Longmont.

We broke out the Cana De Cabra, too.

Anchovy stuffed green olives also from Cheese Importers. MMM – our favorite.

Chai Tea – from our Keurig

Pumpkin pie with home made whipped cream. Well, home made with our iSi whipped cream maker.

Oh, and then the cherry & brandy filled chocolates from Germany.

cherry brandy chocolate

That was out locavore, cheese+ foodie day with family.